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Kuggfrågan 14/12

Kuggfrågan is a lecture series where Ph.D. students present their research in a popular scientific way. The speech is 15 minutes and afterwards the audience can ask questions.

Our personal information is valuable, but privacy, like security, becomes an important issue when a breach occurs. Considering websites and businesses that provide free services, solely by trading users' personal information, we see the immediate value that our personal information has. Unfortunately, with the current state of Internet and society, where people and Internet don't forget, the consequences of privacy violation in long term are not rectifiable.
In this presentation Hamid Ebadi Tavallaei discuss technical possibilities to do data analysis while respecting the individuals' privacy.

  • WHEN? Thursday 14 December 12-12.15 
  • WHERE? Chalmers Learning Commons, Kuggen, Lindholmsplatsen 1 

Coffee for everyone!


Arrangeras av Chalmers Bibliotek Kuggen.